Nathalia de Ávila

PhD student, Grenoble/Cologne (co-tutelle)


Nathalia de Ávila holds a degree in Philosophy and Ancient Greek from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) and the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France). She holds two master's degrees in Philosophy, being one in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (2015) and the other one, obtained in 2017 at the Friedrich Wilhelm's Universität Bonn in Germany, on philosophy of memory. She is now a Phd Candidate at the universities of Grenoble and Cologne. Her research is an interdisciplinary study that combines pure philosophy of time, philosophy of memory and cognitive neuropsychology. The aim of the project is inquiring about the temporal geometry which is inherent to autobiographical memory and the possibilities of thinking time as something non-continuous and non-linear. She works on the following topics and authors: the metaphysics of time, the problem of causality in philosophy, philosophy of memory, Aristotle and the posteriority of the Aristotelian physics, Plotinus, Schelling, Bolzano and John Campbell.


(2017) - La mémoire autobiographique demande-t-elle un concept de temps linéaire? In: Eikasia Revista de Filosofia, Spain.